The Springhill Pooled Accounts Trust provides these benefits:

•  Assets are pooled together with other beneficiaries’ assets allowing for efficiency by reduction of investment expenses and management expenses. Please note: As with any any investment product, there is risk associated with investing and returns are not guaranteed.

•  Springhill Pooled Accounts Trust staff provide assistance in completing and reviewing documents associated with joining and maintaining participation in the trust.

•  When a Trust beneficiary needs to use funds from the Trust, Springhill Pooled Accounts Trust staff review the request, ensuring that the funds requested meet the public benefit rules. 

•  Our Trustee, Springhill Housing Corporation is a housing agency. This means it is possible to hold  a beneficiary’s houses as an asset, when appropriate. Springhill Housing Corporation can provide property management services for a fee.

Please note: Springhill Housing Corporation requires a market appraisal, inspection and additional requirements prior to accepting a house into the Trust. To discuss our Home Purchase Policy, please contact us at 248-269-1319 or