Each month Greg’s parents make sure all his needs are met. However, there are months where his personal assets bump up against the $2,000 asset limit. Greg’s parents didn’t want to feel that they needed to spend his money on unnecessary items in order to stay within the asset limit to preserve his benefits. They learned about the Springhill Pooled Accounts trust and realized it was a great place to deposit any overages he accrued throughout the year with the knowledge that the funds would be available for Greg’s use when he needed them.

To learn more about the Springhill Pooled Accounts Trust and if it’s a right fit for you or a family member, please call 248-269-1319 or PAT@chninc.net.

Note: Greg is not a beneficiary of the Springhill Pooled Accounts Trust, nor is this a photo of an actual beneficiary. The story provided is to give an example of how a beneficiary may be able to use their Trust. Springhill Pooled Accounts Trust staff cannot offer legal advice, a personal attorney is recommended.