Medical Billing

Jessica wanted to return to the workforce. However, because of her feet problems, she wanted a profession that would allow her to sit and not have to stand. Her previous work experience was focused in retail. She began to look for opportunities, and quickly realized that more education was required for the job she desired.

Jessica began to look at educational venues and realized that she did not want to be strapped with student loan debt. She talked to Springhill Pooled Accounts Trust and developed a game plan to afford her education. Not only was Jessica able to avoid student loans, but the funds in her sub-account were still able to gain interest and grow as part of the overall Trust.

Jessica began her education by enrolling in school to get her medical billing certification. One year later, she had her degree! Now she happily works in her new chosen profession, all financed through her special needs trust administered by Springhill Pooled Accounts Trust.

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*The stories are true, but the name and image has been changed to protect our participant’s privacy.