New Wheelchair-Accessible Van

James is constrained to a wheelchair since an accident made him a paraplegic. James’ mobility problems are increased since he over 6′ tall. Transportation to doctor’s appointments and other types of activities were very cumbersome for James and his family.

James’s family contacted Springhill Pooled Accounts Trust to see what their options were. Because of James’s height and the need for headroom, an exhausting search was made looking for a wheelchair-accessible van that would give James the room that he needed.

The best option found was the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Mobility Van conversion, which offered performance, convenience and a luxury experience unmatched by traditional wheelchair-accessible vans. Springhill Pooled Accounts Trust worked with the company that outfitted a Sprinter Mobility Van for James to get the right design and price. Once the design and price were agreed upon, James’s Special Needs Trust at Springhill Pooled Accounts Trust was able to purchase the van.

With this new van, James’s family can easily transport him to whatever activities he needs to attend.

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*The stories are true, but the name and image has been changed to protect our participant’s privacy.